CON-E-CO Fast Facts:

  • Every CON-E-CO concrete plant is custom-built
  • Every CON-E-CO concrete plant has a dedicated project manager
  • Every CON-E-CO concrete plant is assigned a personal service representative
  • Every CON-E-CO concrete plant has its own manual and schematics
  • CON-E-CO is the premier manufacturer of concrete plants with an in-house, UL certified shop

No two CON-E-CO concrete plants are identical...

Because no two job-sites or operations are identical. Productivity and profit are based on having a concrete batch plant designed to meet those requirements. At CON-E-CO, there's no such thing as "one size fits all." We work with you to design and manufacture a concrete plant that is the best fit for your operation, your industry, your needs.

CON-E-CO concrete plants provide superior productivity...

We work with you to customize your concrete plant. Every component has a purpose. The plant is designed to deliver the perfect mix for your application. We oversee the development of each concrete plant from start to finish. CON-E-CO has assembled a team of the most talented and skilled professionals in the business. Every part of every plant is designed to provide maximum efficiency, productivity, and quality.

CON-E-CO concrete plants are an investment in your future...

CON-E-CO concrete plants are built to last. Great thought has gone into every detail of our plants. Painted components are pre-cleaned with a phosphatizing solution, the primer is a specific color which maximizes efficient visual inspection, and every inch of the component is sealed with two coats of urethane.

Conveyor trusses are hot-dipped in a galvanizing solution that self-heals scratches, eliminating concerns about rust. Aggregate bin flanges are pre-fit and welded at the factory to insure a perfect fit - eliminating "unpleasant" surprises during installation. You'll find more information about the quality of construction under OUR PRODUCTS.