Our most popular batch plant, the LO-PRO series, not only represents a solid foundation for your ready-mix needs today—it is custom-engineered to facilitate easy expansion as your business continues to grow down the line. The strong return on investment begins with the initial installation and continues through the high performance and reliability that spells increased productivity for your business, year after year.

The LO-PRO’s innovative and patented cement batcher and live-bottom aggregate batcher (combined with a variable speed drive) delivers precision proportioning of cement, sand, and aggregate during discharge. This more consistently produces higher quality concrete.

The LO-PRO’s unique design also reduces site preparation and foundation requirements. Its unitized structure means no welding. The plumbing and wiring is factory-installed and factory-tested for easier and less costly setup, and enhanced reliability down the road.

Each and every LO-PRO is run dry at the factory so it arrives to you “operation ready”. At that time:
  • All motor rotations are verified and amperage draw is checked
  • Lubricators, compressor and reducers are oil filled
  • All aggregate gates and butterfly valve gates are tested
LO-PRO Series Stationary Transit Mix - Dry brochure


The narrow footprint of the LO-PRO 5 eliminates the need for “over width” permits, yet it offers the full benefits and advantages of the LO-PRO brand. A live-bottom aggregate batcher uses a conveyor to discharge materials.

A variable speed drive controls the rate of discharge and reduces charging time. The end result is increased plant productivity.

  • Compact 8-foot width means greater maneuverability when in transit
  • Five cubic yard plant delivers small plant accuracy
  • Basic module is factory pre-plumbed to eliminate multiple field connections; reduces soft costs and enhances productivity


The LO-PRO 12 offers superior discharge control because of its unique live-bottom aggregate and cement batchers. And the low overall height minimizes foundation expense.

It is easily expandable to meet the growing needs of your operation. This plant is designed to your specific requirements.

  • Modular components for quick setup and reduced installation costs
  • Live-bottom aggregate batcher to blend multiple aggregates
  • 180-degree column-free truck loading


A narrow width configuration of the LO-PRO 12N batch plant eliminates the need for “over width” permits. The plant is pre-wired at the factory to reduce electrical contracting expenses and enhance reliability.

  • Narrow 8-foot wide plant easily sets up in tight locations and does not require over width permits
  • 12 cubic yard plant provides excellent productivity and is expandable to meet your future needs
  • One-piece unitized modular design

LO-PRO 250

The LO-PRO 250 ready-mix concrete batch plant has all the features of a LO-PRO 12, except for more limited expandability. The LO-PRO 250 is an excellent option for a satellite plant or for smaller markets.

For the producer that demands flexibility and excellent value, the LO-PRO 250 demands closer inspection.

  • Features a 250-barrel in truss cement storage bin that is expandable to 550 barrels as requirements increase
  • A highly effective, overhead truck dust collection system recycles material directly back into the cement batcher
  • Patented and proven “blending” cement batcher as well as a live-bottom aggregate batcher for unmatched ready-mix quality

LO-PRO 327

The LO-PRO 327 mobile batch plant represents a significant engineering extension in a smaller, more compact model. Every inch is the same quality of its big brother—the LO-PRO 427and it packs in the same legendary “blending” cement batcher and live-bottom aggregate batcher for unmatched ready-mix quality.

  • Built-in hydraulic system self-erects the plant to minimize start-up time and setup costs

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The LO-Pro 327D is a self-erecting, decumulative concrete batch plant that hydraulically self-erects and self levels—eliminating the need for a crane during erection. For additional site flexibility, it can be erected on steel mats, reducing soft costs by eliminating the need for concrete foundations.

And you can specify optional components that travel in place, minimizing your entire setup and shipping costs.

  • Large capacity, 16 cubic yard aggregate weighing bins, feature a low 10-foot 7-inch charging height
  • Decumulative batching system
  • Available frame-mounted truck mixer and central dust control system along with a water batcher that travels in place with the plant


Engineered with input and feedback from customers across the country, the LO-PRO 327S achieves a new level of performance with a compact, self-erecting and self-contained batch plant that uses LO-PRO’s patented, blending cement batcher and live-bottom aggregate batcher.

  • Built-in hydraulics system self-erects to minimize start-up time and setup costs
  • 13-foot, 2-inch height from grade to the truck mixer charging hood eliminates the need to excavate for truck clearance
  • Available frame-mounted truck mixer or central dust control system along with a water batcher does away with additional freight costs and the need for a crane for erection

LO-PRO 427

The LO-PRO 427 features a standard 427-barrel single compartment in-truss silo and available 409-barrel two compartment in-truss silo. The 427 is available with 30″, 36″, 42″ and 48″ mixer charging belts.

  • Fast, four-hour set-up with pin together self-erect mobile package
  • 220 cubic-yards-per-hour means increased plant production
  • Expandable to a central mix configuration
  • Eight standard aggregate gates and an overbite fill gate
  • Minimal foundation costs with 14-foot mixer truck clearance
  • Ideal contractor’s portable concrete batch plant


The LO-PRO 12SS is a high performance transit mix plant with a compact footprint. It offers superior discharge control because of its unique live-bottom aggregate and cement batchers from one to 12 cubic yards. The live-bottom aggregate batcher precisely blends multiple aggregates.

  • Low overall height and unitized modular design reduce foundation expense and allow for quick setup
  • Dust control is mounted directly above cement batcher for easy material reclaim
  • Overbite fill gate design with quick dump valve fill gate operation helps ensure quality mix and reliability


The LO-PRO 12 RS offers reduced installation costs and includes up to four plant-supported cement compartments and eight individual aggregate bins for added mix design flexibility and greater productivity.

  • Fast-charging with 180-degree access loading point to keep your trucks moving
  • Low overall plant height minimizes foundation expense and reduces installation costs

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