Stationary Central Mix - Wet


Stationary central mix concrete batch plants are the largest and most productive units available on the market. They are known for offering massive aggregate and cement storage as well as high production. We will custom design a stationary central mix plant that fits your property and creates ideal traffic flow for ready mix trucks.

We’ve got a wet-mix concrete batch plant and a wide range of options and accessories to meet your needs. All of these plants can be coupled with either a Tilt Mixer or an Horizontal Reversing Mixer (HRM).

LO-PRO Series Stationary Central Mix - Wet

These plants are highly versatile and are best known for their live-bottom aggregate and cement batchers.

ALL-PRO Series Stationary Central Mix - Wet

The CON-E-CO® ALL-PRO® line can be configured as either a stationary central mix or a portable plant.

400 Series Stationary Central Mix - Wet

The CON-E-CO 400 is available only in a central mix configuration.

SLP Series Stationary Central Mix - Wet

The SLP Series of central mix batch plants are known for efficiency and high production.